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Janet Strait Series


«He shook his head from left to right in denial and smiled. "It was the last thing I saw before he pointed the gun at his temple and decided to end his life with a shot."

The city that never sleeps is on the brink of chaos when an enigmatic hacker emerges as the most insidious threat New York has ever faced. Their ability to penetrate the most secure systems and evade justice has left the police in a dead end.

Janet is called in to solve the chaos the hacker has unleashed on the city. But as he delves deeper into the web of deception and secrets, he realizes he is playing a game where shadows hide the truth, and the line between hunter and prey becomes dangerously blurred.

Janet and the hacker begin an unstoppable battle. While she struggles to figure out his movements, he plays with her mind.

Discover a thrilling crime thriller that explores the limits of the human mind and technology in a deadly game of wits. Janet faces the biggest challenge of her career, as the reader is taken on a frenetic journey through the vibrant streets of New York, where the truth hides in the shadows and justice hangs in the balance.

Interview with the author

Where did the idea for this story come from?

"That is a question as old as the craft of writing. The idea of Janet, and the story of Blind Eagle, arose in 2014, when I was visiting a local cathedral and I questioned the duality of power exercised by forces such as the Church and the State. Each one on their own for a long time, however, together, at the same time, with the same type of family has not been seen since the Borgias. "I wanted to explore that topic from the point of view of a normal person, who is just a public employee and who, like many of us, is affected by the decisions made by those higher up."

Why is Janet's character so full of personal failures and events?

"Before I answer, I would like to mention that Janet was Gerart. Plot twist. Gerart was a lonely man and on the verge of retirement, he had to take charge of the most important negotiation of his life, and with which he would leave permanently. I liked the good Gerart, but I felt that the character needed more depth, and what better than the eyes of a mother, seeking to reconcile not only with her motherhood but with herself. I felt that Janet had a lot more to bring to the table and it gave me the flexibility to be able to place her in different situations. Also, I always wanted a strong and determined woman as the protagonist. Despite everything Janet goes through, she is that and more."

What does “Blind Eagle” mean?

"I don't want to get into spoiler territory here, but both The Blindness of the Eagle and Blind Eagle come from the same seed. There are several meanings, which have to do with both the loss of a central character's ability and the blindness of those who are powerful. It is quite a poetic background if we see it from a certain perspective."

We have read the book and we were surprised by a detail at the end. Without giving much context or information, what's next for Janet in the future?

"There is more of Janet in this story. There's no doubt. There are certain details of this story that play a very important role in what is to come. I can confirm that I am writing Pale Chameleon , the second part of the story, and am sowing the seeds for the third installment, which at the moment has the working title Stiff Serpent . As you see, I have a fixation with certain animals (laughs).”

To finish this mini-interview, we have been asked to ask you the following: what is your measure of success?

"I think I know who that question comes from. My measure of success is not selling a million copies, which doesn't hurt either. But rather, being able to do what I like and being able to share it with the people I love. I write because I am passionate about it, and being able to give a little of that art to my family and friends is priceless."

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