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Over the years, Josh Landon has published numerous op-ed pieces, appeared in the press, made appearances, and appeared as a guest on shows, both under his real name and his writing pseudonym. This is a compilation of some of those most famous moments. Some are in Spanish

Mentions in the press


Josh Landon, el autor tico que alcanzó los 'Best Sellers' de Apple Books

02. La Teja Newspaper

Joven de los barrios del sur consiguió que su primer libro fuera “best seller”

Appearances on BBC London

As a guest to interview other authors.


Programa Voces (España) - Temporada 3, Episodio 19 Josh Landon

Disponible en Spotify, Ivoox, Google Poscasts y YouTube

Ni Tan Podcast (Costa Rica) - Episodio 14 Josh Landon

Disponible en YouTube y Spotify

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