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GUEST WRITER: Advice for writers by Jordi Catalán

My name is Jordi Catalán and I want to share with you some advice that has been extremely beneficial to me in the writing process, but first, let me tell you what I have achieved:

I have written four novels, among which Anómala stands out, with more than 6,000 copies sold, a book of stories and a solidarity anthology against childhood cancer. I have been a best-selling finalist at the Caligrama Awards and I have won the Your Stories Market short story contest in three consecutive editions. Recently, I published Arde Villa Elvira , a thriller that, in my opinion, will not leave you indifferent.

I am also working as a creative, part of a team of scriptwriters for the production of a television series.

During these years I have realized that writing is a solitary craft that requires a lot of experience. You have to learn and accept constructive criticism, not only to grow as an author, but as a person. There are many literary techniques to discover so that the reader feels engaged with the plot. For example, Planting , where you plant an idea throughout the novel, or Plot twists, which are nothing more than unexpected turns in the script, or the cliffhanger, which is used to close the chapter with the greatest possible tension.

The literary world is complex as well as attractive, and you have to dare to share those concerns that lurk in your mind. Today there are two variants to publish a book: traditional and self-publishing. I have published in both and, although both are great, the tempos in traditional can sometimes seem eternal. So I invite you to put imposter syndrome aside and dare to publish. Only in this way will we ensure that this world stays awake, where imagination serves as therapy.

"Knowing your protagonist's enneatype will help you understand him."
"Knowing your protagonist's enneatype will help you understand him."

In thrillers, as in other genres, it is very important that the characters manage to have a life of their own. To do this, I advise you to use the Enneagram as an essential tool for psychological construction. Knowing what enneatype your protagonist is will help you understand him and find out how he can act in certain situations. With this you will make the reader empathize with the character.

And last, but not least, comes the time to promote your work. This is where you must use an ideal strategy to achieve greater reach. I advise you to participate in joint readings, traveling books and do some collaboration with bookstagrammers to obtain reviews. A good marketing plan could be to run an offer campaign on the Kindle and reach the top in the Amazon ranking so that more readers and even publishers of major publishing houses discover you.

Without further ado, I hope these little tips have been useful to you without the intention of giving a lecture.


Writer and screenwriter


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